Babor Ampoules


Babor Ampoules: High-Potency Skincare That Works in Hours

What skincare products give instant results? If you’ve already been beaten down by years of using products that “show results over time,” and learned all too well that “individual results will vary”—even if you’re diligent and “use consistently”—you may not even think to ask for skincare products that offer immediate results.

While Mynd is admittedly focused on the long game—improving the health and appearance of guests’ skin so it will look beautiful for years—if you’re seeking a quick, day-of fix, there are actually a lot of options. For one thing, most people should see a noticeable difference in their skin just after having a Mynd facial—at the very least, smoothness, hydration, and glow.

Your facialist can talk over the different add-on services or take-home products that can provide additional quick fixes for your particular skin concerns. But we’ll just cut to the chase: one of the quickest, most reliable types of skincare “fixes” is the Babor Ampoule. (And at $15 each, it’s one of the most affordable, too.)

Skincare That Gives Immediate Results 

In the world of Babor Ampoules, magically, it’s not unreasonable at all to ask for your jawline to firm up a little, fine lines to start to soften, or inflammation to subside by the end of the day. Why? Formulated by researchers at Babor (a science-based German skincare company not known too well in the U.S. but famous in Europe for its “precision formulas”),[could link to Babor brand post] each Ampoule is a high-potency, ultra-concentrated skin serum designed to be strong enough to noticeably improve the look or feel of a specific skin concern within hours of being used.

At Mynd, Ampoules are offered for a range of common skin problems—including lines, loss of elasticity, sagging, dullness, dryness, and adult acne—both individually as an enhancement to facials and in packs of seven for guests to buy and take home for a week, or up to 14 days (two packs of Ampoules).

And stay with us for a minute, because that’s not just a tedious packaging detail. It’s actually pretty fascinating (we think) and could mean something genuinely important for your skin.

Why Babor Ampoules Are So Effective

While Babor Ampoules offer that illusive quick fix, they’re also real, long-haul skincare. (They’re not like, say, a lip-plumping product that purposely contains an ingredient to irritate the skin, causing it to puff up—under duress—temporarily.)

But that doesn’t mean you should use Babor Ampoules all the time. Actually, it’s better if you don’t.

According to Kate Sela, a skilled esthetician who sees guests at Mynd’s Fifth Avenue flagship in New York, when using Babor Ampoules, typically “you’ll see results after one, but if you use them after seven days, the results accumulate.” They’ll likely increase even more over 14 days (if you choose to do two weeklong treatments), but then—very counterintuitively—you should just stop.

Why? Per Sela, Babor Ampoules are so effective for achieving real change to the skin because they fit the way the skin works. The skin responds well to quick bursts of a potent, unfamiliar formula, like the Ampoules, she says, but “it’s not good to use something so strong continuously. Then the skin gets lazy and stops responding.”

After a week or two, Sela suggests giving the skin a rest or switching to another formula of Ampoule, further jostling the skin to prompt it to respond while infusing it with nourishing ingredients—but never so much that it gets either “bored” or overloaded.

What to Expect from Specific Babor Ampoules

Mynd offers a range of Babor Ampoules (official name: Babor Ampoule Serum Concentrates). Kate walked us through a few standouts:

3D Firming Ampoule: Geared toward people whose skin shows a lack of what’s known as “value and density”—meaning the skin feels thinner and looks like it’s sagging—this Ampoule boosts collagen and rebuilds elastin to bring back bounciness and firmness, says Kate. “We call it The Workout because it helps to reduce a double-chin effect when skin is loose.”

Popular among guests seeking a noninvasive method to firm skin, she says, the Ampoule tightens and contours skin, noticeable especially at angles like the jawline. At Mynd, the 3D Firming Ampoule is often paired with the CACI microcurrent treatment, which “works out” the muscles of the face and neck to tighten, but this Ampoule, like all Babor Ampoules, can also be used alone for immediate results.

(Note: The 3D Firming Ampoule is available only at retail at Mynd; guests using CACI microcurrent treatment or anyone seeking a one-day boost are encouraged to purchase a 3D Firming Ampoule and “BYOA” it to their facial.)

Active Purifier Ampoule: How often does acne look improved on Day One? Formulated for problematic skin and blemishes, this Ampoule can be used for chronic adult acne as well as by people experiencing a surprise outbreak brought on by stress, a specific food or skincare ingredient, or other external factors.

Says Kate: “The seven-day treatment helps to completely clear out the skin of breakouts. It’s antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial—it’s cleaning everything.”

Multi Vitamin Ampoule: Formulated for times when skin simply looks or feels unhealthy—more sensitive than usual, flaky or dehydrated, lost glow, stressed.

A potent quick hit of skin “food,” Babor’s Multi Vitamin Ampoule contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and biotin, which together are designed to repair the skin by helping to restore its natural lipid levels and natural protections against environmental stressors.

Says Kate: Skin will look “relaxed”—revitalized and super-soft.


Babor Ampoule Serum Concentrates are offered individually ($15) as an enhancement to any facial or in the retail area of any Mynd location for use at home, including as intense seven-day treatment packs (retail prices vary). For maximum effect, facialists can use more than one Ampoule during your facial, depending on your skin conditions and how much your skin “drinks up” the Ampoule, allowing for an even more powerful one-day treatment.