New Nail Art


“2 Minutes or Less”: Quite Possibly the Fastest, Smallest (and Least Expensive) Way to Make a Big Statement—That Lasts for Days

Humor us for a minute, and imagine a super-basic look for someone going to a party: a simple black dress, a simple hairstyle, little to no makeup, maybe some hoops or a ring. Nothing to see here, right? Now, picture that same look with a swath of red lipstick (or dramatic lip of your choice) and, contrasted against all that black, five little pops of a gorgeous leopard-print nail. Or marble. Or color block.

We admit it—nail art has the potential to be completely tacky, and it often is, but if done right, it’s the most concentrated punch of style we can think of. And it’s definitely one of the most effective ways to show your personality.

Many people think of nail art as labor intensive or expensive and don’t think to ask for it when they get a manicure. This means you don’t see it everywhere—so you’ll stand out when you wear it yourself.

Easy and Accessible: Nail Ideas for a Wedding, a Big Night Out, the Plain-Old Workweek

“It’s really simple—but it looks like it took someone half an hour to do,” Addie Sarino, Mynd Spa & Salon’s National Director of Nail Services, told us, speaking of Punchline, a lacey scalloped design, one of five new hand-painted nail-art looks that launched at Mynd Spa & Salon this month. Using manicurists’ tricks and hand skill, each intricate, artisan look is executed surprisingly quickly—in less than two minutes per nail. (And at $5 per nail, or $25 for up to 10 nails, they’re also surprisingly affordable.)

All of the designs were created this spring in house, when Sarino asked Mynd manicurists from around the country to meet in New York and brainstorm new ideas. It was a chance for the nail specialists to tap into the mental notes they’d made over the years about their tools and materials when applying perfect “plain” nails—the way acetone dilutes color, the way nail polish interacts with top coats, the best way to paint a crisp line—and get creative.

In the end, Sarino and the team developed five statement-making (but also, somehow, understated) designs that, depending on the colors chosen, can be used to complement a wedding dress, add sparkle to a night-out look, or discreetly beautify a workweek wardrobe.

Starting this month, you can check out samples of the new designs at your Mynd manicurist’s table. The samples rely heavily on Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral—a bright, soothing tone—but all of the designs can be customized with the colors of your choice.

Sarino adds that each look was also developed to look pretty on all nail shapes: “square, almond, rounded, or a tapered look. It’s amazing what you can do with a nail-art brush!” she says. “We can also scale the looks down if you have a shorter nail.”

Below, a few details on each design, plus some nail ideas on beautiful ways to use them.

From left to right in the photo above:

Clean Sweep: This color-block look can go many ways depending on your color choices for the polish: nautical or military, retro 60s/70s, Art Deco, and Candyland are just a few of the possibilities that pop out at us. Gorgeous with a rounded nail, which accentuates the swags, and when used on all fingers. Think of it as a more artistic French manicure.

Rock Candy: Using a clever technique developed at Mynd Spa & Salon, this dappled look is essentially a faux finish, the same as you’d use in interior design for walls—but micro. After applying the base color, manicurists carefully apply top colors to a crumpled nail towel, and blot the nail until a delicate, textured look appears—robin’s egg, granite, and terrazzo come to mind. A clear finish subtly blends the polish and smooths the nail (so it’s not actually textured). A sophisticated way of tying your nails into your outfit for a special day—choose one color in your outfit that you’d like to draw out, or several—Rock Candy is subtle enough to be worn days after, even if you’re not normally a “nail art person.”

Hot Spot: One of our favorites, Hot Spot is leopard-like design that employs negative space, a big trend in nail art over the past few years. Try it on your natural nail or choose a natural-looking polish as the base. For drama, you can also scrap the negative space and select a bold color for the foundation color. Imagine an amazing scarlet red with black leopard spots. Or you can go authentic leopard by selecting a yellowy-tan and white background and black (or black and brown) spots—a major statement in less than an inch.

Set in Stone: Fun because it looks so real—it’s a minor thrill when you look down and see that your hands have turned to gorgeous stone. Shown here in off-white and green, the watery design translates well to other color combinations; think of the drama from black and white, black and red, or black and hot pink, or how delicate white-and-coral or white-and-yellow “marble” would be.

Punchline: Beautiful for brides: choose white and a second pale tone to subtly mimic the lace in a dress or veil. For every day, high-contrast colors add drama. Elaborate but tailored, Punchline shows off the craft(wo)manship of Mynd manicurists.