Introducing Babor


Precision Skincare from Babor


You know when you first learn about a “cult favorite”—TV show, band, product—and look it up online to find a huge new world that’s been merrily thriving for years without you, a rabbit hole you can lose a couple hours clicking through? Get ready to experience that with Babor—a German skincare company with a cult following in Europe that’s flown under the radar in the U.S. for decades. Known in Europe for its precision skincare, Babor is a whole new world. Think of it as German engineering for the skin.

“They’re all about science,” says Isabel Vigil, Mynd’s long-time product consult, who helped bring some of Babor’s most impressive products to Mynd spas this year. “The dedication to research and precision is off the charts.”

What are Babor Ampoules?

They look like something a Bond villainess would use to stay young and lethal—capsules of super-concentrated serums strong enough to address a specific skin problem with instant results. Called Babor Ampoules, they’re probably Babor’s best-known product in the States, and they’ve been a customer favorite at Mynd, where they’re offered as an enhancement to any facial (select Specialty Serum, $15, when you book). 

Starting this month, though, Mynd is introducing a wider range of Babor Ampoules and also dozens of the company’s other skin-transforming products, both in facials and for sale in the retail area of Mynd locations nationwide.

How Babor’s “precision skincare” will upgrade your facial

Little known fact: When you book a facial at Mynd, you don’t get a boilerplate facial. The esthetician will examine your skin’s current status, ask you what your goals are, and discuss your preferences. If you mention you’re looking for natural skincare, you may be paired with Villa Floriani (the Northern Italian line stocked with plant actives), Phytomer (French science-meets-sea products that incorporate marine minerals and bioactives), or Sorella (a luxurious new “garden to bottle” product line with a unique, thoughtful philosophy for making skin fundamentally healthy). If you’re seeking cosmeceutical products that deliver medical-grade results and modern breakthroughs, however, Babor may be the answer.

All of the skincare lines used at Mynd have clinical results to back them up, but Babor is the ultimate: Researched and manufactured to precise specifications in Germany, its products are developed by interdisciplinary teams of scientists both in house and through collaborations with top universities and hospitals. Much of Babor’s research is at the cellular level. (Some of its latest? Excitingly, per the company, it has identified the three main causes of wrinkle formation—a slowdown of metabolic activity in the tissue; loss of elasticity; and a hardening of what’s known as the dermal matrix—and developed a single complex to address all three. We’ll spare you the science-y, cellular details, but the more you read about Babor, it’s hard not to be impressed.)

But back to your skin! At Mynd, if your facial is geared toward hydration, antiaging/firmness, or sensitive skin, and you mention that you’re interested in cosmeceuticals (vs. an all-natural approach), get ready to experience one or more of these standout products and techniques from Babor, depending on your skin needs:

An “oil and water” approach to cleaning skin: Dirt can be both water soluble and oil soluble, and in 1956, researchers at Babor found an ultra-effective way to clean the skin of both—a breakthrough that helped to make the company famous. First, Babor Cleansing HY-ÖL—a combination of pure plant oils and Quillaja extract, which acts like a “dirt magnet”—is smoothed onto skin. Then one of Babor’s Phytoactives—blends of water-soluble herbal actives that vary by skin type—is applied to the face. The result is thoroughly clean, bioactive-infused skin.

“Many of Babor’s products are based on the theory that having thoroughly cleansed skin is the most crucial step in a facial,” says Ann Balaguera, Mynd’s National Director of Esthetics, who helped to train Mynd facialists nationwide on Babor’s products.

A mask that restores elasticity: An intensely rejuvenating, rich cream mask, Doctor Babor Repair Rx Ultimate Repair Mask contains 15% biogen plant extract, an ingredient developed by Babor in collaboration with a plastic surgeon at a hospital in Cologne, who also used it to help his patients’ skin recover after surgeries. Shown to soften skin, promote elasticity, and even reduce itching, “we can already tell, it will be one of our ‘hero’ products in facials,” says Ann.

A skin-firming cream with 100% results: In clinical trials testing 20 female subjects aged 25 to 65, after one month of using Doctor Babor Lifting Rx Collagen Cream (rich), 100% of the women experienced a reduction in the depth of wrinkles, 100% experienced improved skin firmness, and 80% experienced greater skin elasticity. Brown-algae extract and extracts from the lupine plant (also the source of some of the most gorgeous Google Image results possible…) are the key ingredients behind the incredible results.

The benefits of healing German mineral springs (in a spritz): Alcohol-free Babor Thermal Toning Essence is a water-based toner—but it’s not just any water. It’s from the warm, therapeutic mineral springs of Aachen, Germany, a historic spa town near the Netherlands. This special water gives the toner trace minerals that feed the skin, while other key ingredients (including bioflavonoids derived from lemons and polyphenols from aloe vera) are geared toward boosting the skin’s natural detoxification process and protecting it from environmental stressors—in other words, helping the skin de-stress.

A cream that mimics strong, healthy skin: As we already learned, if your skin barrier is compromised (through poor diet, lack of exercise, sun exposure, or use of overly strong skincare products), toxins can enter and moisture can escape. [Please link to new Sorella post.] One of Babor’s innovative solutions to the problem, Doctor Babor Pro CE Ceramide Cream contains lipids and ceramides that are similar to those found naturally in the skin. The cream mimics the lamellar structure of the skin barrier, providing backup to a weakened skin barrier and helping it retain natural moisture. Smart, and like all Babor products, very precise.