The best bodycare gift. Drink up.

Except for a straightforward, sure-fire gift (Yankees tickets for a Yankees fan, sizable diamond for a jewelry fan), gift-giving usually involves a little bit of guesswork and finesse. This is especially true for “don’t buy me anything” friends, elusive “I’m happy with anything you get me” loved ones, and hard-to-decipher co-workers or managers. Even more so, complete-question-mark Secret Santa assignees or corporate clients you need a gift for.

Giving an impersonal gift can feel as cold as no gift as at all. But if you can’t fully read (or don’t even know!) the person you’re giving to, how can you win? We think we’ve found a set of body-care gifts that dramatically narrows the odds, in your favor. In order for these gifts to strike out, you’d need to find someone who doesn’t think a palazzo in Italy sounds nice, doesn’t like all-natural, garden-sourced ingredients, doesn’t like fresh, citrusy scents, and doesn’t like high-quality skincare that visibly improves the health of their skin. We’re sure this person is out there, but the chances of her (or him) being on your gift-giving list are probably slim.

The Best Bodycare Gifts for 2019: Our Best Bet Is Villa Floriani’s Brand New Limoncello Bodycare Products (They Smell Amazing. . .)

“It’s one of those scents that refreshes you at any time of day. It gets you energized—an instant second wind,” says Addie Sarino, Mynd Spa and Salon’s National Director of Nail, who worked on creating new bodycare products for Mynd from the Italian skincare maker Villa Floriani.

Made from natural extracts of real Italian lemons as well as orange, grapefruit, and mandarin-orange extracts, the scent is balanced and light (nothing like the lemon-floor-cleaner notes that can creep, cringe-ily, into many lemon-fragranced body care products). “It’s a gorgeous, light, balanced fragrance. You may want to layer two or three of these products and use them instead of perfume,” says Sarino, who also notes that there’s no real alcohol in the bodycare products. (“Limoncello” is just in the name.)

Conceived in-house by Mynd Spa and Salon’s skincare experts, who used their one-on-one experience with customers in the U.S. to provide feedback to Villa Floriani, all of the Limoncello bodycare products are made in Northern Italy by Villa Floriani (which is located in a literal villa—Villa Floriani—about a half hour west of Venice) using active botanicals collected in the Italian countryside and tested at the skincare maker’s labs.

Below, some quick highlights of these nature-meets-lab bodycare products that are powerful enough to produce visible changes to the health of skin but might also be worth using—and gifting—just for their uniquely fresh, drink-it-up scent.

Villa Floriani Limoncello Satin Body Spray: One of Mynd customers’ favorite Villa Floriani products is the Satin Body Spray, now remade with that incredible Limoncello scent. If you’ve already tried it in the Magnolia or Olive Oil versions, you’re familiar with how it changes the look and texture of the skin in just a few seconds. “It’s a dry-touch body spray,” says Sarino. “Your skin feels really, really soft right away, and you get a beautiful glow. At first it feels like an oil, but it absorbs really quickly into the skin and is not noticeable. It looks really great in the summer too, on a tan.”

Villa Floriani Limoncello Hydrating Body Cream: Super rich, the cream nourishes and moisturizes as you’d expect but also tones the skin. Antioxidant-rich macadamia-nut and wheatgerm oil lock moisture in the skin and block environmental stressors from entering. “Skin will feel soft and supple throughout the day with this cream,” says Sarino, who suggests using the Hydrating Body Cream as a base and the Satin Body Spray as a finishing treatment for texture and glow.

Villa Floriani Limoncello Refreshing Body Toner: Energizes the skin and tightens the pores— “a nice smooth look,” says Sarino—right after the shower or throughout the day. Aloe vera cleanly hydrates, but the toner also contains a unique ingredient: Sodium PCA, which helps the skin bind and retain moisture, says Sarino. “When you’re getting out of the shower, lightly blot the skin and leave it a bit damp, and then apply the body toner,” Sarino suggests, as a clever way to hydrate skin without a thick cream.

Villa Floriani Lemon Sorbet Body Cream: A lighter, fluffier version of the Limoncello Hydrating Body Cream, it has the same moisturizing, anti-oxidant benefits of the thicker cream, but it’s better for people with sensitive skin or those prone to flushing and redness, says Sarino—or simply people who like the feel of a lighter texture. Also a good base layer for the Satin Body Spray.

Villa Floriani Limoncello Revitalizing Showergel Scrub: Packed with lemon peel that reinvigorates the skin and red algae to protect it from environmental aggressors, the scrub/cleanser also contains hyaluronic acid, a powerful ingredient that (as we learned from Dr. Darren Smith, a plastic surgeon who uses hyaluronic acid as an injectable or clients at Mynd’s Fifth Avenue location), plumps the skin by attracting and locking in moisture. More temptingly, the shower gel also contains tiny exfoliating beads that sound a little like an Italian dessert: unlike the micro-beads found in many cleansers, they’re a plastic-free blend of natural lemon peel, sweet almond, and apricot powder. The scrub is very gentle, Sarino assures us, and the overall scent is incredible.

Villa Floriani Limoncello Hand Cream: You may need to use this hand cream just once per day, says Sarino. “It lasts for-ever.” The natural, silicone-free formula absorbs easily, so it even survives frequent handwashing. It comes in a convenient small (75ml) size because you actually won’t need much of it—most people can use just a squeeze once per day and hands stay soft and creaseless (greaseless, too).


Villa Floriani’s new line of Limoncello bodycare products are available only at Mynd Spa and Salons, which partnered with Villa Floriani in Italy to formulate each product. Visit a Mynd Spa and Salon near you to sample the products and mix and match for easy-to-please body-care gifts or gift bundles (or take them home for yourself). The complete line contains: