Cellulite Reduction


Introducing Mynd’s New Spa Cellulite Treatment

If you’re a woman reading this, chances are you have . . . cellulite. And if you’re a woman reading this who’s over, say, 35, that might sound like an insult—or at the very least, an assumption about your weight and how well you take care of your body. For years, the conventional wisdom was that cellulite was a simply a sign of a woman being out of shape—almost as if fat had exceeded its maximum threshold and started to “curdle”—and the solution was either physically removing it via liposuction (now debated if it even works for cellulite) or buckling down and getting rid of it at the gym.

But the fact is, nearly 9 out of 10 women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies—no matter if they happen to be thin, toned, or muscular, a body builder or a runner. Yes, gaining muscle can help to even out the appearance of the skin as muscle swells toward the surface, but nonetheless: if you’re female and you have natural fat deposits on your body, chances are high you also have cellulite. And you may want a little outside help to get rid of it.

A Game Changer for Getting Rid of Cellulite: Introducing Mynd’s Cellulite Treatment

Our best recommendation for smoothing out the appearance of cellulite? A brand new, targeted treatment at Mynd Spa & Salon, which is designed to smooth the skin, reduce water weight, and contour—and even slim (!)—unwanted curves. Called simply Cellulite Treatment and unique to Mynd Spas, the service blends ancient wellness techniques with powerful formulas derived from ocean minerals and marine plant life backed by cutting-edge research from Phytomer.

Below, a quick rundown of everything you’ll experience during Mynd’s in-spa Cellulite Treatment. But first, a very quick detour to answer the question underlying it all:

What is cellulite?

Just as expected, cellulite is indeed fat, but one of the main reasons why it looks as it does (bumpy) is because of something else: connective tissue, which ties down the fat to the muscle below. Genetically, women tend to have larger gaps between those “tie-downs,” causing visible bulges as the fat pops up in between. (In contrast, the connective tissue in men, who have just a 10% chance of seeing cellulite, is more like the screen in a window: a tighter mesh.) If you genetically have thinner skin, or your skin starts to get thinner or looser as you age, you’ll be able to see the bumps of fat more easily, too.

All the details of Mynd Spa’s new Cellulite Treatment

We asked Monique Blake, Mynd Spa & Salon’s National Director of Body, to walk us through the powerful new treatment. The key points:

Parts of the body that Mynd’s spa Cellulite Treatment targets: The new Cellulite Treatment focuses on the thighs, lower back, stomach, and backs of the arms—the areas with the greatest tendency for cellulite for most women, says Blake.

Techniques used during the Cellulite Treatment: The treatment pulls out all the stops to produce a noticeable result and also promote guests’ wellness overall. You’ll receive a scrub, a wrap, and a massage, but perhaps the most exciting are the two ancient wellness techniques that are integrated into the service: dry brushing (which constitutes the scrub portion of the treatment) and massage cupping (a technique that uses soft latex cups to create suction, here included during the traditional hands-on massage portion of the treatment).

Both techniques promote movement of the lymphatic system—a system of the body that benefits from outside intervention because (unlike the cardiovascular system, which has the heart), it has no “pump” to move stagnant liquids. In addition to being helpful simply for good health, helping to move the lymph can reduce the appearance of pooled liquids in the body—otherwise known as “water weight.” During the treatment, dry brushing is used across the body, while massage cupping targets cellulite-prone areas.

Expect a different approach to cellulite massage. Not looking forward to a hard-core cellulite massage? Don’t worry. While many cellulite spa treatments take a brute-force, “no pain, no gain” approach, trying to literally pummel cellulite into smaller pieces, the massage techniques used in Mynd’s new Cellulite Treatment were developed to be strategic, not painful.

“This could be, possibly, the only cellulite treatment out there where you can actually relax,” Blake tells us. “The specific strokes that were developed to work the areas—also the cupping and just the revolutionary products from Phytomer, the effectiveness of the products—that’s what gets results. You’re not going to feel like you’re being beaten up.”

(As for “forceful” cupping—don’t worry about that, either. During the Cellulite Treatment, the massage cups are in constant motion, rather than stuck on the skin. The result? Mynd’s massage cupping feels incredible, and it’s not meant to bruise.)

Products used in Mynd’s new spa Cellulite Treatment: Apart from a few signature elements that will be familiar to you if you’ve ever had a Mynd spa treatment (such as relaxing essential oils), all of the products used during the Cellulite Treatment are brand new and created by Phytomer, the boutique French skincare makers obsessed (in the best way possible) with discovering the many ways that plant life and minerals found in the ocean can help transform the skin. Headquartered on the beautiful coast of Brittany, France, Phytomer is known for being innovative, proactive researchers; their R&D involves harvesting marine plants and organisms (with an emphasis on doing so sustainably) and sampling pure seawater to isolate powerful compounds that they can then reformulate into accessible, deceptively easy-to-use lotions and serums—providing a direct link between the ocean and the health of the skin.

In its new spa Cellulite Treatment, Mynd is proud to include some of Phytomer’s original ocean-based breakthroughs (such as Oligomer—an ultra-nourishing, mineral-rich seawater concentrate, made by literally freeze-drying pure seawater found off the coast of France), as well as its newest formulas for sculpting the body.

In the wrap portion of the Cellulite Treatment, you’ll experience Phytomer’s Algae Jam, a mix of ingredients found in ocean algae shown to have the potential to burn fat. Says Monique: “The jam contains very powerful ingredients that help with fat burning” and overall “helps with the slimming process, toning, and of course the hydrating of the skin.”

Throughout the treatment, you’ll also be treated to Phytomer Lotion P5—a translucent, highly concentrated formula that is 75% pure Oligomer, plus four other active ingredients sourced from green, brown, and red algae.

You may be wondering: Why the focus on algae? Phytomer experts explain: “The sea is full of powerful ingredients with remarkable fat-fighting benefits.” For example, algae “produce a very small amount of lipids, much smaller than plants and humans. And yet they contain just as much energy.” Why? “Algae contain a large number of unsaturated fatty acids that naturally limit the production of fat. That’s a major asset, in addition to a high concentration of minerals to promote drainage and boost micro-circulation.”

Monique explains how these benefits translate to Mynd’s spa Cellulite Treatment: “Lotion P5 is a really incredible product for slimming and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. It limits the formation of new mature fat cells and also helps to break down the fatty acids in mature cells.”

There’s one last contouring product to mention: During the spa Cellulite Treatment, you’ll also receive Phytomer’s Shaping Contour Balm, which includes a cutting-edge new ingredient for Phytomer: Adipo-3 oil. Phytomer researchers found that the oil, which is extracted from the resin of an evergreen tree native to Greece (specifically: the island of Chios), reduces fat storage and firms skin tissue. “It intervenes both with fat, to boost its elimination, and with the support tissues, to strengthen them and demonstrate record firming performance,” per the scientists.

Results from Mynd’s new Cellulite Treatment: When it comes to cellulite, results are definitely individual, but clinical results from Phytomer are downright inspiring, showing a slimming of the abdomen by 11% and the thighs by 8% through a mix of spa treatments and at-home use of Lotion P5 over just 15 days. The addition of massage cupping and other tools for water-weight drainage, plus powerful algae-derived ingredients and Adipo-3 oil, attack the appearance of cellulite from all sides.


Mynd’s comprehensive new spa Cellulite Treatment ($220) is an 80-minute service available at Mynd Spa & Salon locations nationwide. For the most effective, all-over results, Blake suggests that guests come in for the service twice a week for four weeks. “If you’ve seen the kind of results you want, then just do it monthly after that for maintenance,” she adds. Mynd’s new rewards program, Series 8, can help make regular spa treatments a more affordable reality.

To accelerate fat burning at home, consider integrating Phytomer’s Lotion P5 (150 ml, $115) and/or Celluli Night Coach Intensive Cellulite Sleeping Mask (150 ml, $114.50) into your nighttime routine. For effective dry brushing at home to reduce water weight and promote lymphatic drainage and overall wellness, Mynd offers Aromatherapy Associates’ Revive Body Brush ($32), a super-high-quality brush made of rounded-tipped agave-cactus bristles on a wooden base. (Says Monique: “I have been dry brushing for years, and I have to say this is the nicest I’ve used in a long time.”)