Like chemical peels, microneedling is one of those “it gets worse before it gets better” medical-grade skincare treatments. The “after” photos can be really beautiful—plump, smooth skin—but if you’ve ever seen the immediately-after photos, you know that some can be genuinely scary: a person’s face covered in blood after hundreds of tiny, shallow incisions were made across the skin. If you’re looking for an alternative to microneedling that jumps ahead quickly to a pretty “after” scenario, we have another suggestion: a non-invasive, pain-free treatment called RevitaPen that involves no cuts, bleeding, or downtime.

Earlier this year, Ann Balaguera, Mynd’s director of facial services, orchestrated a (nonclinical) trial of RevitaPen at three test locations (Deerfield, Tysons Corner, and Fairfax Corner—maybe you noticed) to gauge guests’ and estheticians’ candid reactions to the treatment. And the results were “beyond expectation,” says Balaguera. “People are reporting that the skin texture has changed—more supple, fine lines diminishing. We saw guests are already coming back for RevitaPen. The feedback has been really amazing.”

Starting in January, Mynd Spa & Salons will be offering RevitaPen Pro treatments nationwide as an enhancement to any facial—a quick, efficient add-on (just 10 minutes) that can boost the collagen production, firmness, and softness of the skin even after one treatment.

Below, some details on what you can expect from a RevitaPen treatment during a Mynd facial and why it’s similar to and different from standard microneedling treatments.

Microneedling vs. RevitaPen

What does microneedling do? What does RevitaPen do?

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (or skin needling or dermarolling), involves using small needles (often of different lengths) to create numerous small cuts across planes of skin. It’s used to improve the look and feel of the skin in several ways, including the following:

A noninvasive alternative to microneedling, RevitaPen shares a lot of similarities, but no needles are involved. Instead, tiny round-tipped pyramids press down and vibrate against the skin, creating microchannels rather than incisions. RevitaPen treatments are intended to improve the appearance of the skin in a few ways:

What is RevitaPen? 

RevitaPen Pro does look like a pen (actually, thicker—more like a marker), but that’s just the shape of the tool—intended to make it easier for estheticians to use on clients. Instead of liquid, the tip of the RevitaPen contains exactly 100 vibrating, nano-sized metal pyramids, which create micro-channels in the skin as the facialist glides the tool across the face and neck in different directions and intensities (specific to each area).

At Mynd, RevitaPen treatments include a highly concentrated serum infusion created specifically for the RevitaPen, too. Says Ann Balaguera, it’s the combination of the infusion and the tool that do the trick.

What are the benefits of getting a facial with RevitaPen?

“The biggest benefit of RevitaPen is promoting cellular turnover,” Balaguera tells us. “Because of the vibrations and the different settings you can adjust it to, you’re promoting deeper product penetration. You’re opening up the microchannels of the skin in order to receive the benefits of the infusion.”

What are the benefits of the RevitaPen infusion?

The infusion contains “active ingredients that are really changing the skin,” says Balaguera. “If I just used the tool on its own without having the infusion, or even with another serum that’s not as concentrated with ingredients as this, you don’t get the same results. The skin will feel nice, but this potent infusion is like the driver—it’s what’s going to drive the skin to the next level.”

Some of the infusion’s standout ingredients:

Overall, as the tool and the infusion work together, benefits of the RevitaPen treatment include:

Who can use Mynd’s RevitaPen treatment for facials?

 “All skin types and concerns can benefit from the RevitaPen treatment,” says Balaguera. “Great for acne scaring and even safe enough for people with sensitive skin or rosacea.”


Starting in January 2020, you can book a RevitaPen Pro treatment ($75) as an enhancement to facial services at Mynd locations nationwide. The treatment takes about 10 minutes and can be added on to any Mini (25 minute), Essential (50 minute), or Escape (80 minute) service.