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The best natural skincare

Apricot, yogurt, poppy seed, lime. “I know. They all sound so good,” says Ann Balaguera, Mynd’s National Director of Esthetics, when we asked her about the new natural skincare products that will be available at Mynd—both in facials and for sale up front—starting this month.

They’re from a company called Sorella Apothecary, which uses natural ingredients not because they sound delicious (although they do) but to address a little-known problem that may hold many people back from having healthy, plump, wrinkle-resistant skin. The problem? When you’re too thorough with your daily skincare routine, using overly strong chemical-based cleansers, exfoliants, serums, and creams that weaken the outer layer of skin (also known as the skin barrier). Treatments that you think may be helping your skin—to reduce wrinkles, fade sun spots, or clear up acne—could actually be harming it in the long term, making it more prone to permanent damage. A self-fulfilling cycle, signs of wrinkles and damage may prompt you to think you need even stronger deep cleaning, hydration, or exfoliation, when really you need to give your skin a break and switch gears to different types of formulas.

“Prior to launching Sorella, we saw a trend in skincare: Many people had compromised skin barriers, often because of homecare regimens that were far too aggressive,” say Sorella’s founders, sisters-in-law Emily Sindlinger and Danielle Munley. “They saw their skin as sensitive, but in reality, it was overly sensitized from using harsh ingredients.” The women’s goal was to create a natural skincare line that rebuilds and supports the skin barrier—addressing the root cause of so many visible problems.

The benefits of Sorella’s approach to skincare

Sorella Apothecary’s products tackle all the classic skin problems—wrinkles, acne, dryness, sun spots, etc.—by incorporating active ingredients from natural sources to target each. (Clinical results for specific ingredients, plus dramatic before-and-after photos, suggest Sorella products really work.) But here’s the crucial piece: Each product is also formulated with ingredients that fundamentally repair and support the skin barrier with natural ingredients that nourish it and reduce inflammation.

Why is this so important?

Not only is the skin barrier the part of the skin that other people see first, say Sindlinger and Munley, “but it’s our first line of defense against environmental pollutants passing through and wreaking havoc on our skin. Pollution, toxic chemicals, UV rays, and free radicals are all filtered by our barrier—assuming it is healthy!” When the skin barrier is damaged, these harmful elements can get in and the body’s moisture can escape, causing a host of problems, including flat-out unhealthy-looking skin. When the skin barrier is strong, however, skin retains moisture, looks radiant, and feels elastic and plump.

Does natural skincare really work?

It depends what kind you use, and Sorella is the real deal. (We have to add: two other natural-skincare product lines found at Mynd, Villa Floriani and Phytomer, are the real deal, too. But they use different philosophies to improve skin.)

Many factors can harm the skin barrier, including too much sun, poor diet, lack of exercise, the overuse of alcohol, and poor dental hygiene. Your daily skincare regime can, too. Harsh and often even toxic ingredients found in many everyday skincare lines can over-stimulate or over-exfoliate the skin barrier; acidic ingredients found in skincare can break it down, too.

In contrast, Sorella includes natural compounds that actively repair and build up the skin barrier. Sorella’s “hero” ingredients? Here are a few:

Snow mushroom extract: Able to return dry skin to its maximum hydrated state; shown to hold more water than hyaluronic acid

Bakuchiol: Produces similar results to retinols but without the side effects; stimulates collagen and repairs skin while controlling oil production

Cogon grass: Useful for long-term moisturization, it can provide up to 24 hours of moisture without clogging pores

Niacinimide: A type of B3 vitamin, reduces inflammation; gives skin a refreshed feeling

When you go to Mynd: What to expect from Sorella Apothecary natural skincare

Starting this month, you’ll find the cream of the crop of Sorella’s product line at Mynd, handpicked by Mynd’s longtime, product-worldly skincare consultant, Isabel Vigil.

“I really chose them because the quality of their ingredients is outstanding—they’re really focused on nourishing and rebuilding the skin. So the in-spa services—the facials—will be very advanced,” Vigil told us. “But their packaging is also so beautiful. You want to have them on your shelves.”

In Mynd’s facials, which are tailored to each guest’s skin type and preferences, a full assortment of Sorella products will be an option for those requesting anti-aging and brightening benefits from their facial—plumping skin, evening out skin tone, and reducing dark spots. No matter what length of facial you select (the 25-minute Mini, 50-minute Essential, or 80-minute Escape), a heavy dose of Sorella’s skin-barrier-building formulas will be incorporated, including:









What if you’re not seeking an anti-aging/brightening facial? All of the products above will be available for sale for at-home use, and you can also try one of Sorella’s star products, Cherry Pepper Peel, as an enhancement ($55) to any facial, no matter what your skin goals are.

A smoothing treatment that gives skin a slight tingle, the Cherry Pepper Peel dissolves dead skin cells but then does something special: it stimulates blood circulation, nourishes skin with vitamins and bioflavonoids, and cleans away bacteria with ginger root oil (a powerful antiseptic). Skin should look rosy and healthy—and, as with all Sorella products, your skin barrier should be stronger and more resilient.