Best Products for Dry Skin


Best Products for Dry Skin, Including Face, Lips, Neck & Body

As winter creeps in, you may be looking forward to running inside to a warm house, blasting the heat, or—if you happen to have one—curling up by the fireplace, but chances are, your skin is dreading that cozy scenario. As we’ve seen with hair, which can literally break from dryness, skin exposed to dry hot air inside and dry frigid air outside, especially after having acclimated to the high moisture levels of a humid summer and rainy fall, can become painfully dehydrated, leading to lines and even cracking during the winter months. No, you don’t want to turn off the heat. So what’s the best way to prevent dry skin this winter—and heal dry skin that’s already uncomfortably parched?

We asked two skincare experts—Ann Balaguera, national director of facial services at Mynd, and Addie Sarino, who heads manicure and pedicure services—for their best advice on preventing and healing dry skin. They mentioned treatments and products you can take advantage of at Mynd, as well as techniques they use themselves at home.

Below, our head-to-toe list of the best products for dry skin and the optimal spa and salon services to try at this time of year. (Actually, for the very top of your head, see what we learned from a Mynd haircare expert about the best ways to heal dry hair.) 

Dry Skin Products for the Face

It might be counter-intuitive, but one of the first steps to take when you see dry skin is to do something a little abrasive—exfoliate—not pamper your skin by slathering on creams. Dry skin is often dead skin, and it doesn’t help your living skin cells if you simply apply a layer of hydrating products on top of a layer of stagnant cells.

If your skin is already showing signs of seasonal dryness, Balaguera says that this would be a prime time to try a facial that includes a microdermabrasion treatment. (Microdermabrasion is included in all of Mynd’s 80-minute Escape facials; if you choose the shorter 25-minute Mini or 50-minute Essential facial, you can select it as an enhancement.) After skin is cleared of dry, dead skin, she recommends asking for one (or, optimally, both) of the following hydrating treatments: a collagen mask, to deeply hydrate and re-plump the skin, or an Oxygen Infusion—what she calls an “extreme hydrating treatment” whose “natural minerals not only replenish moisture but aid in healing and energizing cells.” (Both the collagen mask and Oxygen Infusion treatment can be selected as an enhancement to Mynd facials.)

Dry Lips Products

During winter months, Balaguera suggests giving yourself a mini lip “facial” at least once a week: “Slough off the dead-cell buildup using a gentle scrub in small circular motions for about a minute, then follow with a lip balm that contains hydrating ingredients such as vitamin E or jojoba oil.” Also: “avoid licking your lips, since this accelerates the moisture loss.”

Dry Skin Products for the Neck and Chest

In this classic area of age-related wrinkling, you can help to prevent dryness-related creasing and crepiness, as well as collagen loss, with a collagen mask for the neck and décolleté (offered as an enhancement to Mynd facials).

Dry Skin Products for the Body

To improve the health and moisture of skin across the body, “switch from body lotions to body creams and use these on a daily basis,” says Balaguera, “especially after stepping out of the shower. If you use them on damp skin, they’ll seal in the moisture.”

Two standout products for making winter skin look soft and summery: Villa Floriani Limoncello Hydrating Body Cream, a thick, antioxidant-rich, feel-good cream, and Villa Floriani Lemon Sorbet Body Cream, which contains the same active botanicals as the Hydrating Body Cream but has a lighter, fluffier texture. (They’re both part of Villa Floriani’s dreamy new farm-to-bottle collection of Italian-lemon-scented skincare and available for sale only at Mynd.)

While taking a hot shower seems hydrating and soothing after a cold day—all that steam!—Balaguera says that lukewarm water is best during the winter months: “The hotter the water temperature, the dryer and more sensitized the skin can become.”

Other water-related tips: “Hydrate from the inside out: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help combat dehydration,” she suggests, and consider using a humidifier in the room where you spend the most time, such as your bedroom or home office, to add moisture back to the air—addressing the root cause of dry winter skin.

Paraffin Hand Treatment for Dry Hands

Paraffin treatments always feel good, but when you’re cold and hands are dry, “it’s like heaven,” says Sarino. “A paraffin treatment is so relaxing on a cold winter day. You want to put your whole body in it.”

Cleaned and moisturized, hands are dipped into bags filled with a warm paraffin formula and then covered with warm towels. “The paraffin is going to open up your pores and allow all of the cream we put on prior to deeply penetrate,” says Sarino, who adds that the liquid heat is “also really good if you have arthritis or sore, achy joints.” Paraffin treatments come as part of the 50-minute Escape services for hands and feet, but you can also add on a paraffin treatment to a shorter manicure or pedicure. (This add-on is not listed online, so ask in person or book over the phone if you’d like paraffin.)

Best Hand Cream for Dry Skin

And what about hand creams? Sarino says she loves another product from Villa Floriani’s Limoncello collection—the Villa Floriani Limoncello Hand Cream—because in many cases, you’ll only need to apply it once a day. The natural, greaseless, silicone-free formula absorbs easily into the skin, so it “lasts for-ever,” she reports, even through hand washes.

Dry Brittle Nails & Cuticle Conditioner

Dryness can cause nails to break—we knew that—but did you know that when nails are dry, they tend not to hold polish well? To improve the chances of not only longer nails but longer-lasting polish, it’s important to use a good-quality nail oil, Sarino says, especially during the winter. She recommends CND SolarOil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner because, incredibly, the molecules of the oil are small enough to penetrate through nail polish and rehydrate your nails

even when they’re fully lacquered. Apply the oil regularly on, under, and around the nails. “Once a day is good, twice a day is great,” says Sarino. (You’ll experience CND SolarOil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner during all nail services, and it’s also available for purchase at Mynd.)

Dry Skin on The Feet

It doesn’t take much for feet to become painfully dry, calloused, and cracked in the winter—dry air, long walks, bad shoes. To quickly improve seriously dry feet, Sarino is a huge believer in Salve for Cracked Skin by Gehwol, a German skincare company that’s been formulating products just for the feet since the 19th century. “It’s my number one recommendation,” says Sarino. “Put it on at night before you go to bed and put socks on. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll notice a huge difference. The stuff is incredible.” (You can find Gehwol Salve for Cracked Skin at Mynd’s retail area.)

And to prevent feet from reaching crisis levels to begin with, she recommends using Villa Floriani’s Ultra Nourishing Shea and Chiuri Body Balm, a product Sarino herself helped to develop earlier this year, working with Villa Floriani’s lab in Italy. The formula pulls out all the stops, incorporating jojoba, peppermint, and sweet almond oil, plus two deeply hydrating plant butters: shea and a lesser-known one, chiuri (from the nuts of the chiuri tree of Nepal—also known as the Indian butter tree).

The balm also includes two clever, all-natural ingredients to help with how it works: beeswax, which responds to your body heat—“it melts when it touches your skin, so the balm gets absorbed very quickly,” says Sarino—and a tiny bit of cornstarch, which leaves a “matte finish, so you’re not slipping around in your shoes.” Offered in stick form (like a deodorant stick) so it’s easy to apply, the balm is 97% natural—“high quality and very pure,” says Sarino, who advises it for extra-dry skin on other parts of the body, too. (If you choose to use it as a multi-purpose balm, though, for hygiene reasons, never apply the stick directly to the feet; instead, scrape off as much balm as you need.)

You’ll experience Villa Floriani Ultra Nourishing Shea and Chiuri Body Balm anytime you receive an Essential (35 minute) or Escape (50 minute) pedicure at Mynd, and it’s also available for retail sale up front.