Badlands & Byways


Badlands & Byways



We shot our summer campaign at Apache Junction, a wild stretch of Arizona desert scattered with Saguaro cacti and sprawling dirt trails. The Superstition Mountains — a rugged volcanic mountain range — served as our backdrop, our wardrobe and props arranged in a borrowed trailer.  

If there’s anything about the desert, it’s vast and dangerous and beautiful all at the same time. It’s limitless. And sometimes we city dwellers, with our crammed commutes and cramped apartments get an itch. Sometimes we crave the necessary — space.  

Maintaining that centeredness that comes with space, with having enough room to breathe and move and think is a constant work in progress. It comes easy in the desert. Less so in the jungle. At The Mynd, we are continually carving out our space and molding it to be something more than a salon and a spa, more than 28 locations. It’s a sanctuary, a place where you can go off the grid. Even if you live in one.