Effortless Waves


"Don't be too perfect about this. It should be tousled and fun."

  1. Apply a root lifter such as Dallas Thickening Spray to damp hair, starting at the crown to create the most volume. 


  1. Lift the hair as you blow dry so that the air penetrates from one side to the other and activates the root lifter. 


  1. Wrap a section of hair around the iron, holding the hair lightly around the curling iron, not taut, to avoid crease marks.


  1. Make sure to hold the iron vertical and not horizontal. A horizontal hold will give you a traditional S pattern while holding it vertical creates that effortless wave. Leave the ends out.


  1. Curl the hair away from the face when curling around the hairline.


  1. Apply a strong hold hairspray to the hair, holding the can at a distance to avoid a hairspray ring.


  1. Shake out the hair to give it some effortless texture and to loosen up the curls.