Evo Fabuloso


Gorgeous Color by Evo Fab Pro

It seems like something you should be able to do: change your hair color whenever you want. Maybe not a big change — just from a warm blond to an icy platinum. Or from a neutral brown to a glossy chestnut, or on-trend mushroom. Or maybe you do want a big change — to something really brilliant and colorful, like a gorgeous pastel (violet? peach?), a new look to vamp up a special event.

People experiment with makeup all the time — finding the perfect shades for their skin tone or a dramatic color to achieve a specific look, just on whim. It’s hard to have whims with hair color, though, because with hair, there are usually many more rules. Depending on what processes you’ve had done recently, as well as your hair’s natural properties and current status (thickness, porousness, natural color, etc.), there are limits to what you can safely achieve without damaging your hair. Who wants to reach their color goals when the ends are in shreds?

Every traditional salon color service somehow affects the structure of your hair — whether your stylist is using a permanent or demi-permanent process, or even a gloss. The treatments open up the cuticle of the hair in order to deposit color, or take it out. In some cases, you may need to grow out your hair completely before you can make a color switch. Good colorists (and we count those at Mynd among them) know the limits and possibilities and can help you achieve the look you want working with whatever you have. But wouldn’t it be nice to also have the option of coloring your hair completely un-invasively? To be free of “hair math” and just do what you like? On whim?

A Whole New World with Evo Fab Pro

It would be—and it’s possible with Fabuloso Pro (nickname: Fab Pro). Created by the boutique Australian haircare company Evo, Fab Pro is a type of direct hair dye that doesn’t penetrate the hair or change its structure; instead, it clings to the surface of each shaft through, ingeniously, ionic charge. Since there’s no risk of damaging your hair, you have much more control with Fab Pro than you normally would with traditional dye.

You can try a new color for fun, for a party, or as a way to test out a color change before you make it permanent. If you decide you don’t like it, there’s nothing to worry about: Fab Pro fades naturally over two to four weeks. (And if you really don’t like it, you can add another Fab Pro dye right on top to adjust the hue). But if you love the color and want to keep it for the long term, that’s easy, too. Your hairstylist will mix up a special customized color conditioner for you to take home. Just swap out your regular conditioner for the tinted one in the shower once or twice a week, and you can keep your new color indefinitely.

“It’s a great way to try on a color you don’t normally have, and you can change it as often as you want. Fab Pro won’t hurt your hair—it will benefit your hair,” says Ben Stewart, Mynd’s national creative director and a master colorist.

Unlike traditional salon dyes, Fab Pro’s dyes contain no ammonia or peroxide (those are the chemicals that open up the hair strand), but they do contain panthenol and other hair boosters. Even more important, after your stylist mixes Fab Pro’s base colors together to create the shade you request, he or she will blend the dye into an intense reparative conditioning base. When you get a Fab Pro treatment, you’re not only changing your hair color but receiving a professional-grade deep conditioner—shine, softness, and strength.

Stewart has been recommending Fab Pro to clients as a substitute for a traditional gloss.

“Everybody loves a gloss—it adds shine and color. But a gloss doesn’t have any reparative qualities,” he says. “I think people are going to love the Fab Pro option because you get a high shine and color enhancement but also the deep reparative qualities that you’d get from a deep conditioning treatment.” Meaning, if you so choose, instead of opting for both a gloss and a conditioning treatment when you book your next service, try selecting just the Fab Pro.

What Are Your Color Options with Evo Fabuloso Pro?

Fab Pro dyes can’t lighten your hair (again, that’s the ammonia and peroxide), but they can change the tone of your hair color or let you go darker. You can choose a completely natural hue or something completely unnatural and original (like a violet or pink).

Blondes have the most versatility from Evo Fab Pro, because they’re starting from a pale “clean slate.” They can stay blond, switching tones to platinum, honey, beige, whatever they like. They can go red or coppery or deeper to a brown or chestnut. They can also opt for trend colors: “a gold, a lavender, or a mint green—that’s really popular right now. You can try a splash of color without the commitment of staining your hair and worrying that you’ll never be able to get it out,” says Stewart, who adds that with other brands of direct dyes on the market, even though they’re technically semi-permanent, they carry the risk of permanently staining blond hair. So that fun temporary pink may last longer than you planned.

Fab Pro can also be used to combine colors, for an ombré or other dimensional look.

Brunettes and redheads can’t go blond with Fab Pro, but they can easily change their tone—adding warmth or coolness, ashy tones or pastels—and they can go darker and richer. Think a cool, grayed-out brown or a rich copper undertone.

Fab Pro works beautifully on natural hair as well as already colored hair. It isn’t ideal for gray hair in general, but if you are just starting to see the “first little sprouts of gray,” says Stewart, “it can be a great introduction to coloring your hair if you’ve never colored your hair before.” We asked him to explain the options for grays coming in. He says: “With permanent dye, you’re going to get complete coverage of grays; with demi-permanent, you’ll get gray blending; and with Fab Pro, you’ll get some soft gray camouflage.”

Lots of (Easy) Choices: How Fab Pro Works

Fab Pro color services are currently offered as add-ons to your regular color service. Choose the Fab Pro Color Refresh Enhancement ($30) to correct the tone of your hair without adding any time to your service. As a real-life scenario, let’s say your colorist is coloring your roots with permanent color but your ends are looking a little ashy or brassy; the Fab Pro enhancement can restore your color there and add brilliant shine and softness throughout.

You can also select a Fab Pro Color Change Treatment ($65)—the option we’ve been focusing on most in this post. Ask your stylist for the Fab Pro book of swatches to see all the beautiful options and discuss how they’d look on your hair, or create your own hybrid color.

In addition to that ionic charge, there’s another ingenious aspect to Fab Pro: you can use it at home. After your stylist at Mynd blends Fab Pro dyes to create the exact hue you’re looking for, he or she can also add that dye to Fab Pro’s Reparative Conditioner Base and send you home with a conditioner that’s completely personalized to your hair color. Evo Fabuloso Pro Color Conditioners ($45, 7.5 fl. oz.) can be used once or twice a week to correct brassiness or fading of your permanent color or to indefinitely maintain the Fab Pro temporary color change you had done in the salon.

In the retail section of each Mynd branch, you’ll also see tubes of Evo’s premixed color conditioners in “grab and go” colors such as Platinum Blonde, Caramel, and Cool Brown (Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioners; $35, 7.5 fl. oz.), all great options for lightly correcting and enhancing your color between salon visits. But for completely personalized color that’s also more potent, we suggest you go Pro.