Once Upon A Reality


Escape with Salon & Spa Services. Because Life isn't Always a Fairytale.

We love fairytales for the folklore and fantasy, the glimmers of magic and enchantment. We raise children on fairytales, produce movies about them, and embody the characters through costumes and props.  

While the characters are always mystical or odd—mad hatters, beasts, talking mirrors—the theme remains the same— a problem needs to be solved. How will we get to the ball? How will we get free from the wolf? A fairytale allows us the opportunity to get lost in a story that ends well. Afterall, everyone always lives happily ever after.  

Back to reality. In this world, our hearts will break and our taxes will still need to be paid. No fairy godmother is going to change that. At a certain point, it becomes painfully clear—life is full of ups and downs. Which is why the escape is so important. In a world where neither pain nor joy is consistent, self-care is imperative. Not only is it something we control, it is something we choose to make consistent or not. Whether it’s painting your nails or getting a massage, the choice to experience something better is always there. 


For the moments when life isn’t a fairytale.