Why Foreo Is Magical


The deepest clean possible without abrasion

If you’ve ever tried to get your skin really clean — washing away dirt, dead skin cells, makeup, sebum, pollutants — you may have wondered: Am I also hurting my skin? Exfoliating scrubs that get their scrubbing action from tiny jagged particles can cause micro-rips to the skin. Nylon brushes — especially the electric, revolving ones — and rough washcloths can do more harm than good. In the ideal world, you’d apply something soft and gentle to the skin, while still getting it completely clean.

It took some tech to solve this problem, and six years ago, a Swedish startup, Foreo, developed the solution: a super-simple, super-soft device that thoroughly cleans the skin not through abrasion but through T-sonic vibrations — as many as 8,000 vibrations per minute. Applied to the face for just a minute, Foreo’s tiny nodules made of medical-grade silicone remove 99.5% of oil, sebum, dead skin, and debris from even deep pores.

“It’s not scrubby,” says Isabel Vigil, Mynd’s National Director of Retail. “It’s using the tech of motion instead of actual abrasiveness to the skin.” But Vigil says that what’s incredible about Foreo devices isn’t just that they remove debris and dead cells from the top layer of the skin; they refresh the skin from the inside out.

The T-sonic pulsations, she explains, “are going deeper into the dermis, waking up your lazy cells and helping them to come to the surface. When your skin is dry or congested, or when it’s just looking really dull, it’s because your skin isn’t turning over as much. Foreo helps with cell turnover. When you’re scrubbing your face, you’re getting those dead cells off the surface, but with the Foreo, it’s actually working from the inside, pushing things up.”

Vigil adds that Foreo can also help to wiggle skincare into the skin. “The T-sonic pulsation is also good for penetration of product,” she says. “So, for example, if you’re using your Patchology sheet mask”—Vigil had just been raving about Patchology sheet masks —“you can put this on top of the mask and glide it along. It helps to infuse the product deeper into your skin.” This technique works with most smooth (not gritty) skincare products.

As you’ll feel when you use a Foreo, you’re also getting a powerful facial massage that loosens tight muscles and firms the skin.

Why Foreo is Blissfully Worry Free

Usually when you hear about high tech or fancy design, it seems to mean things get more complicated. With Foreo, it translates to a device that’s super simple to use. (Which has, in turn, made it extremely popular. When the company started in 2013, it had two employees; it now has 3,000 and has shipped out, incredibly, more than 20 million Foreo products for sale since then.)

A quick rundown of the things you refreshingly don’t need to worry about when using Foreo:

Choosing a Foreo: Foreo Luna Mini 2 vs. Foreo Play

Mynd offers two sizes of Foreo: the Foreo Luna Mini 2 ($139), which (despite the confusing “mini” in the name) is the larger, everyday style that’s about the size your palm, and Foreo Luna Play ($39), a smaller device about the size of a small cookie.

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 is an upfront investment that provides about seven years of daily use, says Vigil, without the need to ever purchase replacement brush heads. One hour-long charge and the device will run, incredibly, for months.

A good introduction to Foreo, Foreo Luna Play is battery powered. It lasts for 100 uses before it shuts off permanently. “I like to say, for comparison, the replacement heads for Clarisonic are $40; you’re supposed to replace them every 90 days. This is essentially the same thing, but you’re getting the T-sonic pulsations.” When the Play reaches the end of its life, you can still use it as a nubby manual cleaning device, she says, or “can take it to Best Buy, and they’ll recycle it for you.”

No matter which Foreo you choose, use your favorite cream or gel cleanser when you clean your face, but steer clear of gritty, clay-based, or silicone-based cleansers. These may be too abrasive to the skin or damage the brush head, which otherwise is designed to last a lifetime.