All Decked Out


It's a bling thing. 3 brilliant ways to accessorize your holiday hair with guidance from National Style Director, Heather Packer.


Foundation for all 3 hairstyles
1 Apply a volumizing/thickening spray section by section roots to ends

2 Blowdry with a medium to large round brush creating volume and movement throughout

3 Apply a dry texturing spray on each section and create waves by twisting each section as you wrap around a 1.25 inch curling iron.

4 Allow the waves to cool and brush and tousle the waves.


Style 1

1 Create a deep side part with your hands.

Sweep the smaller side back with your hands and pin with 2-3 Bobby pins

3 Cover the Bobby pins with a brooch or clip and secure with another Bobby pin
Style 2
Your Favorite

1 Using your hands allow the hair to fall into its natural fall

2 Sweep the front of the hair back with your hands and fasten with Bobby pins in the back below the crown

Allow for imperfections that suit the person

4 Use vintage earrings or clips to accessorize the updo


Style 3

Separate the front from the back by sectioning from ear to ear

Backcomb the back section to create a base for pinning and volume at the crown

Using your hands, sweep the hair back into a French twist making sure that the volume is created behind the crown

Allow pieces to fall around the face to suit the person

Use vintage buttons to create a seam up the back

Finish by tightening the front and creating texture with small hair pins