Makeup by Rodial


A beautiful new way to stand out.

If you’ve ever lost valuable screen time on a celebrity-photo-research binge, or you’re simply the type of person who pays attention to these types of things, you’ve probably already noticed this confusing phenomenon: in photos, the same famous person often looks three completely different ways. So different, in fact, that you might start to doubt whether you really know what your favorite star looks like at all.

There’s the classic grainy “She’s not wearing makeup!” shot, usually caught by paparazzi from far away with a zoom lens as the celebrity in question simply tries to drink an iced coffee or walk a dog—invasive, unflattering. Let’s move on. There’s the happier daily-life shot, such as found on Instagram. In these, the celebrity looks great and . . . normal—like an attractive person you’d see in everyday life; there’s no super-human Hollywood sheen. Then there are the photoshoot shots for a Vogue or Elle, etc., where the celebrity looks like how we’re probably used to seeing her—hard-to-put-your-finger-on-it beautiful, not someone you’d see in everyday life. These photos are usually taken in perfectly controlled settings—editorial lighting, well-known photographer backed by a studio crew, carefully Photoshopped after the fact, not “real life” at all but she looks gorgeous. And then there are the awards-show shots: the celebrity in question is, like Scenario 2, out and about in natural or less-than-ideal lighting, captured at impromptu angles, un-Photoshopped, but she still somehow has that same flawless, super-natural look as the images you see in print.

How is that possible? The difference in each of these situations is: makeup. And in the case of the last scenario, advanced makeup techniques. Even in real life—up close, in all kinds of lighting—professional makeup techniques have the power to supply that not-everyday type of beauty. Applied in specific ways, using high-quality makeup and brushes, complexion products can even out nearly any type of problematic skin, and the right shades can add subtle contouring (for depth), highlights, and all types of sunny, healthy glows.

In other words, that slightly super-human Hollywood effect is, actually, accessible, and this summer at Mynd Spa & Salon, we’re super-excited to launch a unique, hard-to-find makeup collection that makes these makeup techniques easy to achieve for everyone—not just makeup pros.

“Flawless” Makeup Isn’t as Hard as You Think

At Mynd Spa & Salon, one of the changes we’re so excited about in the salon is that we’re using two new makeup collections with the potential to noticeably enhance how our clients look (and, we hope, feel!). One collection is the boutique U.K. makeup brand Delilah—a capsule collection (just one perfect formula of mascara, two perfect foundations, . . .) of incredible-quality makeup—made in Italy; rich, beautiful pigments; special textures. Delilah is hard enough to find in the U.K., and we’re proud to say, Mynd is the only place where you can access Delilah in the U.S.

The other collection is Rodial—also designed in the U.K., made in Italy, truly gorgeous products, but Rodial differs from Delilah in that it’s more connected to color and technique trends. In a nutshell, it’s a “backstage makeup.” (Just check Rodial founder Maria Hatzistefanis’s Instagram, and you’ll see what we mean.)

What’s so special about Rodial, unlike a lot of professional brands, is that it’s not snobby about its trendiness. One of the goals of the collection is to take advanced techniques, the kinds used before photoshoots or photographed events, which often require several different products, and create new formulas that whittle them down to just one or two and reduce the risk of error.

Rodial Makeup: Hard to Find, Gorgeous Glow

“So Rodial’s sculpting powder—I can’t live without,” Isabel Vigil, Mynd’s National Director of Retail, told us recently, when discussing the new brands that Mynd makeup artists will be using. While working to bring Rodial to Mynd (which will be the only U.S. salon to carry Rodial’s makeup collection), she’s been using the products at home, too.

The sculpting powder (official name: Rodial Instaglam Deluxe Contouring Powder) is “the perfect tone of in between a complete contour dark powder and a bronzer,” Vigil says. “So you get a really natural color—good definition and good contouring but without looking either too contoured or too tan.” She adds: “They have specific products that are going to give you instant results. For example, with other professional makeup lines, to get the effect that their sculpting powder gives, you’d need to use two different products and then know which brushes to use. They make it simple: ‘Here’s this one product, and this one brush.’ You’ll get a really professional look without being a makeup artist.” Like the makeup collection, all of Rodial’s brushes are created by professional makeup artists who’ve learned over the years how to cut to the chase and get the same effect without the fuss.

Because you use fewer products to begin with, you also have less risk of ending up with a caked-on look. Says Vigil, “Rodial’s complexion products are by far my favorite because their formulations are designed to give you super-flawless skin without looking like you have a ton of makeup on.”

The point, ultimately, is that can’t-put-your-finger-on-it next-level beauty that also looks natural, even up close.



Starting this summer, if you book a makeup appointment at Mynd, your makeup artist will have access to Rodial’s full makeup collection for use during your service. (Mynd is the only salon in the United States that features Rodial makeup—or Delilah.) Feel free to discuss the facial features you’d like to play up (or down) and request advanced techniques using Rodial’s complexion products, which can achieve anything from a subtly plumper lip to a wider eye and more angular jawline.

Also available for retail sale for at-home use (ask your makeup artist for tips and tricks), Rodial’s collection includes core staples as well as frequently updated color palettes taken directly from that season’s runway makeup trends. Standout products include Instaglam Compact Deluxe Contouring Powder ($57), color-correcting Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Powder ($57), which counteracts both dark circles and redness, Diamond Foundation ($55), a featherweight non-drying formula that’s blended with real diamond powder to optically perfect skin; and the lip products Suede Lips ($26), a matte but creamy nondrying “crayon,” and Collagen Boost Lip Lacquer ($29), a lip-plumping gloss in on-trend colors.