Our Story


Our Story

Our company has a role in American culture that you can read about, literally, in history books. In 1910, before women even had the right to vote, a woman named Elizabeth Arden opened a small business on Fifth Avenue and quickly turned it into a global empire. Arden was a master at selling products, but the secret to her success as a businesswoman was her understanding of something else: self-care. At her salon and spa, The Red Door, Arden knew that if her clients looked their best, they would feel their best, too.  

As time evolves, so do organizations, and we came to realize that a new chapter in our history needed to be written. And so we embarked on a journey. We updated our locations with a modern design, sourced ingredient-conscious products, and established a new name, all while maintaining the same belief — take care of yourself here and you will be your best out there. 

What Mynd offers is unlike anywhere else — a full-service spa with all your wellness and beauty needs in one place and the most skilled technicians you could ask for. We are proud to say it — we have the best people. We’re also convenient. We offer 26 beautiful locations, remain open seven days a week, and keep morning and evening hours to fit your schedule.

In today’s fast-moving, speed-texting, multi-tasking world, it’s not easy to put yourself first. But, to us, feeling recharged is just as important as leading the charge.