Our Story


State of Mynd

When is the last time you said the words, “It’s mine”? In a world that urges us to “own it,” most of the "it’s" around us have nothing to do with us. Made in a factory, advertised from an office, sold online. . .they’re designed to apply to as many people as possible—which means no one in particular.

Mynd is different. We’re a group of individuals who realize that health, happiness, and beauty are completely individual. We’re not here to sell a pre-planned product or service; we’re here to listen and to tailor everything we do specifically to you. We’re not too humble to admit that our expertise, the precision of our techniques, and the formulas we use are the best in the business. We’re proud to have that wealth of knowledge, but it’s really just a backdrop, something to tap into.

What we’re proudest of is what happens face to face when you’re a guest at Mynd. We listen closely to your interests and preferences, pick up on the obstacles and misalignments holding you back, and perceive the way you’re beautiful and unique. Apart from our ultimate goals of health, wellness, and beauty, we have knowledge and skills but absolutely no agenda. You tell us who you are and what you’re seeking.

If you’re looking for a daily skincare routine that’s 100% natural and plant based but still powerful enough to reverse wrinkles, we can create one for you. If you’re looking for a facial treatment that delivers medical-grade results—without any redness—we can do that, too. Maybe you want to find a morning makeup strategy that’s polished, professional, and beautiful, in five minutes or less. We’ll develop one that brings out your best features. Or you’re carrying around tension, or suffered an injury, and your body is literally aching for a massage. Our experts unlock muscles using classic techniques and innovative ones, like cupping, too.

“How do I think of Mynd?” poses Todd Walter, Mynd's CEO. “Apart from Mynd being a company, when it comes down to it, I think of it as being a repository of expertise and special formulas—products chosen because we know they actually work. For people looking to focus on their own kind of beauty, their own feeling of wellbeing, hopefully their own way of creating a happier, healthier life, I think of Mynd as this deep resource. It’s a physical space, a serene place, where people can come, book appointments with experts in beauty and wellness, and leave looking great, but, more important, knowing they’ve just been someplace that supports their overall wellbeing.”

At Mynd Spa & Salon, it’s really all up to you. Whether you’re seeking hair color that makes you feel more like yourself or want to experiment with something new, whether you’re looking for a facial to smooth the skin or a body treatment that’s healing to the core, Mynd invites you to drown out the noise and discover personalized self-care that’s uniquely right for your body and mind.

Make it my.