Patchology eye gels


The overnight bright.

The eye area is tricky. For many people, it’s the first part of the face—or body—that shows age, so it prompts a dramatic “Let me fix that now” response. But of course, the skin around the eyes is also one of the most delicate areas of skin on the body. Many anti-aging treatments instruct us to avoid the eye area—although that’s exactly where we want the most help. Eye creams on the potent side also warn against applying too much, and the last thing you want to do, if eyes are already starting to show crinkle, is cause more damage.

Danger noted! But what’s a solution?

Try a Patch, Not an Eye Cream

We’ve been hooked on the five-minute eye gels from Patchology, which come in a night version and one for day. The most obvious thing about them is that they feel . . . fun. They’re thin, stretchy, lightweight gels that cling to the skin but somehow don’t feel sticky—like a space-age second skin. (Which makes sense; Patchology’s parent company is a pioneer in R&D of new types of skin patches for the healthcare industry.)

Apart from how they feel, though, what’s special about Patchology eye gels are that they provide a perfect dose of effective, ophthalmologist-tested serums evenly across the eye area, and they’re set to work in just five minutes. No thinking required.

How Do Patchology Eye Gels Work?

Both the day eye gels, FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels and the night product, FlashPatch® Restoring Night Eye Gels, come in pairs and are shaped like large, curved teardrops.

Pull them out of their package, and you’ll notice that the gels are covered in a clear, satin-y serum. They sit flat against the skin, and if you’re like us, after the initial coolness of the serum fades, you’ll truly forget you’re wearing them. This means that while you’re treating your eyes, you can get other things done (perhaps even look down at a computer screen and write a blog post about Patchology Eye Gels, while, incredibly, forgetting there are two sitting right below your lashes!).

After five minutes, the gels have dried slightly but are still moist. Remove them from the skin—even this part feels good; they’re not adhesive and don’t dry stuck—and your skin is left hydrated with a matte glow. Use your fingers to smooth in any extra serum, but don’t wash or cleanse. You want the serum to stay put.

Patchology Eye Gels: Day vs. Night

Benefits of Patchology’s Rejuvenating Eye Gels

The day gels are intended to address immediate eye-area problems—puffiness, dark circles, inflammation, and dryness—as well as longer-term concerns like collagen production.

What I didn’t expect from the day gels, though, was that they immediately (well, in five minutes) also changed the look of wrinkles.

Whenever I try a new facial product, I use it on just one half of my face to try to create a built-in, real-time “before and after” to see if it worked. In this case, the “after” was pretty dramatic, especially when seen in natural light by a window.

Normally, when I smile broadly, I get crow’s feet—not deep lines, but long, and some extend over my cheekbone. After I peeled off the Rejuvenating Eye Gel from my left eye, my skin was visibly hydrated (not in a gloppy way; just full, healthy-looking skin).

Then I smiled. On the right side of my face, I saw the wrinkle pattern I was used to. On the left, the wrinkles were literally half the length. I then tried a gel on the right side. After five minutes, when I smiled, the wrinkles were curbed there too, and my face overall looked noticeably different. (This was only my experience; try your own real-time before and after to see if it works for you.)

For Isabel Vigil, Mynd’s National Director of Retail, the benefits of the Rejuvenating Eye Gels are more related to makeup, which can exaggerate small lines or bunchy skin under the eyes. Before using the gels, she said, “I was starting to see little wrinkles. I thought maybe it was my concealer—what’s going on?” Just as part of her job at Mynd, which involves trying products personally before they’re brought on board for retail sale, Vigil started using the Rejuvenating Eye Gels. Soon, “I was consistently using them and saw a huge difference,” she says. “I saw less dehydration, and my skin was smoother overall,” providing a flat, hydrated surface for makeup application.

What’s the day gels’ magic formula? They include both caffeine and an extract from the succulent plant purslane to brighten skin; caffeine also reduces puffiness. The botanical extract centella Asiatica encourages the creation of collagen and curbs inflammation, while hydrolyzed collagen is added directly to the serum to improve skin’s elasticity and density.

These ingredients are on top of a hydrating formula that Patchology adds to many of its products. (Called the HydraSurge5™? Moisture System, it’s a proprietary blend of amino acids, taurine, and other compounds intended to lock water into the skin, help water bind to the skin, and increase skin’s elasticity.) 

Benefits of Patchology’s Restoring Night Eye Gels

As effective as the day product might be for wrinkles, it’s the night gels that are technically more geared toward lines, especially long term. An Allure 2018 Best of Beauty award winner, the night eye gels contain the anti-aging ingredient retinol, but what’s unique, Vigil tells us, is that they provide just the right amount of retinol for accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

“You can’t use 2% retinol—the retinol that’s prescribed—around the eyes,” she explains. “You wouldn’t even want to use it daily on your face—your face would peel off! But in the Patchology night eye gels, the retinol is very mild and very safe” and can be used daily. That’s important because retinol encourages cell turnover, and if you’re able to keep that process going regularly, “you’ll really eliminate the deeper crow’s feet,” Vigil says. “So doing it on a daily basis, like at night with the eye gels, is perfect.”

Retinol also helps brighten dark skin around the eyes—but “not sleep-related dark circles,” Vigil clarifies. “Some people just have a natural darker tone there, and retinol would help to brighten it a bit.”

To lighten classic, sleep-related dark circles, the Restoring Night Eye Gels also contain Atlas-cedar-bark extract and arnica extract, a natural-health balm that’s often used for bruises and sports-related injuries. “Arnica is very healing and helps circulation in the eye area, which helps get rid of dark circles,” says Vigil. Like the Rejuvenating Eye Gels, the Restoring Night Eye Gels also contain Patchology’s HydraSurge5™? Moisture System to lock water molecules into the skin.


To sample Patchology eye gels yourself, try the four-pack Wink Wink set ($14, available at Mynd locations), which includes two pairs of FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels and two pairs of FlashPatch® Restoring Night Eye Gels. The gels are ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact-lens wearers. (If irritation occurs, stop using the gels and rinse thoroughly with water.)

The gels can be worn in two directions (with the large side next to the nose or resting on the outer cheek), depending on the shape of your eye and whether you’d like to target puffiness or crow’s feet. Isabel Vigil, Mynd’s National Director of Retail, also suggests trying a pair of gels on laugh lines around the mouth.