Patchology Face Masks


A facial in a flash.

“When I’m masking, I want to be able to do other things,” says Isabel Vigil, Mynd’s National Director of Retail. (She’s the person responsible for scoping out the thousands of product lines out there and bringing new items to Mynd). “The thing about Patchology masks is that they each just take five or ten minutes—and they stay on your face for five or ten minutes. You can move around, finish getting ready, continue what you’re doing. Other masks I’ve tried, often you have to leave them on for 45 minutes, and the entire time, it’s sliding off your face, so you can’t move. I realize there’s value in relaxing for 45 minutes . . . but sometimes you just need to get stuff done.”

You’ve probably already noticed: we’re living in a golden age of sheet masks—sold everywhere from drug stores to boutiques to airport kiosks. After researching the possibilities to bring to Mynd, Vigil eventually selected four types of masks from Patchology, a Korean skincare company that originally made medical-grade skin patches before getting into consumer products. Now, it’s infusing its thin, stay-put sheets with potent ingredients that provide instant results as well as long-term benefits if you use the sheets regularly. Which, at $8 a sheet, can be one of the most accessible, and easiest, ways to improve your skin.

You can use the masks individually, of course, but Vigil also suggests combining three of them, for a 20-minute foolproof facial that mimics the type of facial you receive at a spa. But first, what to expect from each mask, even if you’re scrambling in the morning to get out the door, but still want to look beautiful.

The Instant (and Long-Term) Benefits of Patchology Sheet Masks

For sale at Mynd, Vigil selected the following masks, each of which is based on a clever clingy-but-not-frustrating fabric that’s somehow both super thin (thinner than a tissue) and strong enough to hold its shape without tears or pulls.

Patchology SmartMud® No Mess Mud Detox Sheet Mask ($8):

It’s hard to think of a mud mask as being neat, but these mud masks are true to their name, in part because there’s not much mud involved—just enough to thoroughly saturate the skin. The mud itself is precious: sourced from Jeju Island in South Korea, it contains mineral-rich volcanic ash, which naturally removes toxins and debris and closes pores. When you think you’ve had enough detoxing (Patchology recommends keeping the mask on for 10 minutes, or longer if you want a more intense treatment), simply peel off the thin mask—nearly all of the mud should come off with it, leaving just a light dusting on your face. A quick splash of water and you should be good to go. Skin feels super clean but soft, not tight.

Patchology FlashMasque® Hydrate 5 Minute Sheet Mask ($8):

What’s great about these masks is that you can see and feel an anti-aging effect to the skin right after you peel them off—skin is plumped by hyaluronic acid, which causes fine lines to close up a bit and therefore become less visible. Unlike other hydrating treatments that are thick or gloppy (promoting that classic skin-treatment anxiety: Am I making a mistake to rinse off this pricey glop? Should I sit here for two more hours to let the skin drink it up, or has it had enough?), the Hydrate Sheet Mask leaves skin moisturized but matte, not messy. In fact, if you wanted to, you could apply makeup directly to the skin after you pull off the mask.

A substance that occurs naturally in the body, hyaluronic acid draws water to the skin. “The way it works scientifically,” says Vigil, “is it attracts moisture to the molecule and can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. It’s your vehicle for getting more moisture.” Once hyaluronic acid in the Hydrate Mask grabs the moisture, betaine helps to lock it in. The mask also contains Vitamin B5, to boost elasticity.

Mynd also carries a set of three Patchology sheet masks: Called the Patchology FlashMasque® Perfect Weekend ($20 for three masks), it’s all you need for a classic long-weekend arc: a drying plane trip or exhausting car ride; a special event or big night out, where you want your skin to look bright and “glowy”; and the after-effects of your special event or big night out.

The Perfect Weekend pack contains one Hydrate Mask (which Isabel Vigil recommends for use not just after a flight but during; it’s neat and unobtrusive enough that you can easily apply one at your seat), one Illuminate Mask to give you a radiant look for the highlight of your trip, and one Milk Peel Mask to help you pick up the pieces. Details on the last two:

Patchology FlashMasque® Illuminate 5 Minute Sheet Mask:

Designed to brighten the complexion, even out skin tone, and all around make skin look fresh and healthy, this mask relies on licorice extract, grapefruit-seed extract, and vitamin C to give the skin a jolt. But “as you use Vitamin C and that brightening mask more consistently,” says Vigil, “you’ll definitely see a long-term effect. In the moment, you’ll see brightening and glowing.”

FlashMasque® Milk Peel 5 Minute Sheet Mask:

Like mud masks, exfoliation is often a huge mess too, a hassle that may prevent people from getting a thorough exfoliation as often as they need. (And as we saw with Dr. Dennis Gross’s professional-grade peels, exfoliation isn’t just a “nice to have” treatment; it’s actually an essential anti-aging technique that signals to the skin that it needs to boost collagen and renew cells.)

The Patchology Milk Peel exfoliates gently, using lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy) and fruit enzymes to dissolve skin cells. Meanwhile, coconut and soymilk soothe the rejuvenated skin, and the antioxidants in green-tea extracts help to protect it against environmental toxins.

Pro Tip: Combine Three Patchology Masks for the Easiest, No-Mess Facial Ever

Isabel recommends using individual Patchology masks once a week, but she also had brilliant advice for combining three of them to simulate a real facial. “Whenever you get a facial, you exfoliate first, then you detoxify, and then you hydrate,” she explains. “So when you’re in the spa getting a facial, first they’ll put steam on you, then they’ll exfoliate your skin, and then they’ll put a detoxifying clay mask on you, finishing it with a hydrating mask.”

She recommends following the same order with Patchology sheet masks:

· start with the Milk Peel

· apply the Mud Detox Mask

· finish with either the Hydrate Mask or the Illuminate Mask (the Illuminate Mask hydrates, too).

Each of the steps is super clean and easy—the simplest way we can think of to infuse the skin with potent ingredients, exfoliate, clean, detox, and hydrate.