The Benefits of CBD Skincare


We’ve all heard of recipes and whole diet philosophies designed to curb inflammation — cut out wheat, reduce dairy, go heavy on the turmeric. But what if you can apply anti-inflammatories directly to the skin?

That’s possible with skincare containing CBD — a naturally occurring, plant-based compound whose anti-inflammatory potential has been studied by medical researchers on conditions within the body (such as arthritis and pain) and, more informally and anecdotally, is thought by some estheticians to work wonders on the skin: speeding up the healing of wounds and acne scars, reducing redness, and improving the look of aging skin.

Even if you’ve never used it, you’ve probably heard of CBD — its reputation precedes it. That’s because while it’s indeed a natural, plant-based compound, the plant in which it’s based can be controversial: marijuana. CBD is also found in industrial hemp, however — a plant grown for use as a fiber or food — and CBD doesn’t make you feel high (another compound found in marijuana, THC, is responsible for doing that). So while the marijuana plant contains CBD, the reasons to use CBD have nothing to do with feeling intoxicated. The goal is to help you look and feel good.

Using CBD Skincare Products

Earlier this year, Mynd brought on CBD products from a small organic-CBD company called ColorUp, which was chosen after a year of extensive research. Like many products sold in the skincare field or as nutritional supplements, product lines containing CBD undergo little government oversight, which means the quality and quantity of CBD may not be trustworthy or consistent. To get around this, the small Mynd team responsible for finding a high-quality CBD brand to bring to the company invented its own step-by-step screening process and eventually discovered a company that met the criteria: Colorup, a community-minded company based in Colorado that sends its organic CBD out to be not just third-party but fourth-party tested for purity.

Since the spring, you may have seen Colorup’s body-care products available for sale at Mynd or offered as a CBD enhancement to manicures and massages. They’ve been extremely popular, not only as skincare but among customers seeking CBD to help with anxiety and CBD for sleep.

Starting this week, though, Mynd is excited to bring on a “next level” of CBD spa treatments: expert facials incorporating organic CBD. In any Mynd facial you select (the 25-minute Mini, 50-minute Essential, or 80-minute Escape), you can add on a CBD Enhancement ($55). It doesn’t add time to your service, but it integrates pure, potent CBD products from ColorUp at critical junctures during the facial, an experience that you may notice immediately.

“It’s amazing for acne scarring, great for antiaging and healing for the skin,” says Ann Balaguera, Mynd’s National Director of Esthetics, who helped to train estheticians nationwide on using CBD. “After the facial, you’ll see [the effects] right away—it automatically feels great—but cumulatively, if you use it at home, you see a greater difference.” (The same organic-CBD products used in facials are also available, at accessible price points, for sale at Mynd.) But before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s what you can except from a facial infused with CBD—which, in addition to its potential as an anti-inflammatory, some CBD proponents claim is a powerful skincare ingredient in a lot of other “anti” ways: anti-acne, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-microbial, and antioxidant.

What to Expect from Mynd’s CBD Enhancement for Facials

The CBD Enhancement includes three CBD products, integrated at key points during your facial. First is a steam treatment and ColorUp’s CBD Exfoliate Enzyme Masque, which contains ColorUp’s double-tested organic CBD, as well as:

  • Bacillus Ferment, an active enzyme that dissolves dead skin cells (it’s considered a mild alternative to alpha hydroxy acids),
  • organic hemp seed oil, an anti-inflammatory cleansing oil that regulates sebum production and naturally soothes dry or itchy skin without clogging pores, and
  • organic aloe vera, the classic skin-soothing ingredient, which is also touted as an antibacterial and a collagen booster.

You’ll also experience CBD Remedy Treatment Oil, which is blended with other skincare products that are correct for your skin type. It’s used twice: during a facial massage and again at the end, as a finishing treatment (usually with an SPF). CBD Remedy Treatment Oil contains CBD, of course, but also includes:

  • anti-inflammatory and soothing organic hemp seed oil,
  • organic rosehip oil, for antioxidants and healing, and
  • organic macadamia nut oil, whose phytosterols are thought to increase the penetration of the product.

Facials with the CBD Enhancement also include either the CBD Glow Illuminating Masque, if your skin looks dull or feels dry, or the CBD Detox Clay Masque, if your skin is oily or congested.

The CBD Glow Illuminating Masque reduces the look of wrinkles and plumps skin with fatty acids, but it’s also deeply nourishing, packed with “super-herbs” including:

  • mallow, thought to be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory,
  • cowslip, used to remove bacteria and soften sebum,
  • Lady’s Mantle, which includes traces of beta hydroxy acid (a natural exfoliant and astringent),
  • vitamin-rich speedwell,
  • antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory lemon balm, and
  • a blend of organic herbs that contain a melanin suppressant to reduce the look of dark patches.

The CBD Detox Clay Masque is formulated to leave skin tighter and brighter and repair damage caused by free radicals, pollutants, and toxins. It’s packed with organic CBD plus:

  • bentonite clay, to absorb toxins and heavy metals and transport them away, while also oxygenating and alkalizing the skin,
  • kaolin clay, to detoxify, absorb excess oils, and clean pores,
  • organic shea butter, to encourage collagen regeneration and moisturize, and
  • a mix of organic essential oils chosen to firm, tighten, and promote elasticity, including antiseptic neroli, lavender (thought to regenerate tissue), highly emollient rose, and anti-inflammatory geranium and frankincense.

Yes, we know — it’s a lot. But the aim is to heal the skin with powerful, plant-based ingredients that may have the potential to improve the health of skin without a detour to the lab.