Wedding Belles


Our hair guru, Wade Lee, shows you how to tie the knot at Idan Cohen's Bridal Week.

1. Brush through the hair, then blow dry with a round brush. Spray hairspray throughout the hair. Curl pieces with a glide curler.

2. Pick up three small pieces of hair from behind the ear, sectioning with a comb. 

3. Start braiding them so the top piece moves to the bottom and the bottom moves to the top alternating the middle strand.

4. Add some hair to the lower section, making sure to leave a few wispies out at the hairline. 

5. This is the technique you'll use all around your head, adding some hair to the lower strand, then changing position. Keeping the braided hair a bit loose.

6. When you reach the other side, continue for as long as you have hair left to incorporate.

7. Then make a rope braid with the end of the hair. Twist your two strands to the left and then around each other to the right.

8. Secure the end with a small elastic. Hide the end under the hair and secure with bobby pins. 

9. Pull on the twisted hair if you want more volume.

10.  Spray some dry shampoo around the braid. Using a toothbrush, lightly brush through the braid creating a lived-in feel which will make the look soft and romantic. Finish with hairspray.